Interview with Marlon

Are all the classes ok for beginners?  I'm not fit at all!


Yes!  All the classes are ok for beginners as each class has options built in, to make the class either easier, or harder and to make the classes more accessible to everyone.  So book a taster class and give one a try, feeling completely free to take it at your own pace!

Do I need gloves for MM BAG BASS BOX?


No.  Gloves are provided for you to borrow in order for you to try the class before committing to buying your own set of gloves.  However I do recommend investing in your own pair of gloves, once you've decided that you enjoy the class and would like to attend regularly.

What type of gloves should I get for MM BAG BASS BOX?


I wouldn't actually recommend boxing gloves as they have additional weight to them, usually measured in oz (ounces).  The extra weight is intentionally added to make it more difficult to punch, so more strength is developed in the arms.  This sounds like a good thing, but with some boxing gloves weighing as much as 16oz, that type of weight is best left to the professionals!!!


Instead, what you want to go for is bag gloves or bag mitts as opposed to boxing gloves.  As there's still plenty of padding to protect your hands when punching the bag, but not lots of extra weight.  To put things into perspective, bag gloves/mitts weigh approximately 6oz.  It doesn't sound like much of a difference, but after a few hundred punches, you'll definitely notice it!!!


Also worth considering is MMA gloves (mixed martial arts), which some people prefer because of the open finger and palm, which feels more breathable and less restrictive for some, but the downside is they have slightly less padding.


I actually sell a branded hybrid glove of the Bag gloves and MMA gloves, which is a bit of the best of both gloves.  The padding of the Bag gloves, but with the open finger and palm of the MMA gloves.  Let me know if you'd like a pair of my hybrid gloves.  However I'm not fussy about people just using our brand of gloves, feel free to use any brand or type you like!


Below or to the right hand side are pictures of the different types of gloves that I've mentioned (front and back views), so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about and what to look for if you'd like to pick some up from Amazon or somewhere like that. From left to right are Bag gloves - 6oz,  MMA gloves - 4oz and my branded hybrid gloves - 6oz.

Do I need Martial Arts experience to do Body Combat?


No.  Although Body Combat is a martial arts inspired workout, the movements are kept simple in order for non-martial artists to be able to follow along and get a great workout!  It's first and foremost a workout, for the purpose of exercise, that's inspired by martial arts!

Do I need experience of lifting weights to do Body Pump?


No.  Similar to the way that Body Combat is inspired by martial arts, Body Pump is inspired by free weight exercises.  Your Body Pump instructor will coach you in the the correct ways in which to perform the exercises, so that you learn to lift free weights (and your body weight), in a safe and highly effective way!

Doesn't lifting weights make you big & bulky?


Contrary to popular belief, no, not necessarily!  Especially when it comes to Body Pump!  You see Body Pump is a high repetition, low to moderate weight based form of strength training, which by it's nature, produces lean and toned physiques, as opposed to big and bulky physiques.  Those seeking big size and bulk, literally have to use an opposing strength training protocol, low repetition and high weight!

Do the different classes on offer produce different results?


Yes. Generally speaking the classes will fall into 1 of 2 categories, cardio or strength. 


Cardio classes, by there nature, focus on improving the efficiency of the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) and therefore improve cardiovascular fitness, at the same as producing a high calorie burn, to help burn body fat. 


Strength training classes improve the strength and endurance of the muscular system, improving muscle tone and your body's potential to produce speed and power.  Although a lesser amount of calories are burned during the activity of strength training, compared to during the activity of cardio training, the long term calorie burning potential of strength training is greater!  This is a result of developing calorie hungry, toned muscles, that burn calories for you, even when you're not exercising them, outside of the strength training activity, when you're at rest!


Although every class has an element of both cardio and strength training contained within them, the following list of classes are either predominantly cardio or predominantly strength training:



MM Bag Bass Box

MM Sticks N Kicks

Les Mills Body Combat



Les Mills Body Pump

Les Mills Core

What type of class should I prioritise?


In an ideal world, you would balance both strength and cardio classes/workouts, completing at least 1, of each type of class/workout per week!  If you've got time available to do each type of class more than once, it's a good idea to alternate between the two.  If your time is poor however, your best bet is to pick the type of class that you enjoy the most, that you are most likely to stick at, as any activity is better than no activity!!!

Can I pay as I go for classes?


Yes you can pay as you go for classes!  Although if you're attending classes regularly, it's more cost effective to start up a monthly subscription!


Click the following link if you'd like to pay as you go:

How do the monthly subscriptions work?


There are multiple types of monthly subscription available, all aimed at catering for how many classes you'd like to do per week!


If you'd like to do 1 class per week regularly, then a Bronze Subscription would suit you best.


If you'd like to do 2 classes per week regularly, then a Silver Subscription would suit you best.


If you'd like to do 3 classes per week regularly, then a Gold Subscription would suit you best.


If you'd like to do unlimited classes per week regularly, then a Platinum Subscription would suit you best.


Click the following link if you'd like to set up a monthly subscription:

What happens if I set up a subscription and I miss my class/classes one week?


No problem, if you miss your usual class/classes, in any given week, you're most welcome to use your class credit/credits to attend any other classes on the timetable that week, or the following week.


If you're away for a longer period of time, just let us know and we'll pause your subscription!

Can I start a monthly subscription at any time in the month?


Yes, as long as you don't mind the subscription payment coming out at around that same time every month thereafter.  If you'd prefer for the subscription payment to come out on the last working day of every month, there's an option to set this up too and I'll arrange a partial payment for the partial remainder of the current month.


Click the following link if you'd like to set up one of these monthly subscription types: